Organic Processed Meats

The formation of O’Leary Heritage starts when Denis O’Leary’s grand-parents migrated from Ireland in the 1800's.  His Grandfather, Daniel, settled in the district in 1902.  In 1945 Denis' father, Theo, purchased the first part of the existing family properties.  Further purchases of adjoining land were made in 1961, 1968 and 2003. Denis and Margaret's son, Matt, is the 4th Generation O'Leary farming on the property.

It was in 1987, when Denis and Matt visited an organic farm, they were enlightened with what they saw and heard and decided to change their way of farming by implementing organic farming practices.  They received A Grade organic certification in 1989 and has proved that it was a very sound and significant decision.  Eliminating chemicals and artificial fertilisers has significantly improved the general health of animals. the soil and the family members.

The O'Leary's envisaged that this was the way of the future and their drive and passion for using sustainable farming practices shows their commitment to produce cleaner and greener food and taking care of the environment.

Health Benefits

  • Fed with GMO free grains
  • Feed contains no additional growth hormones
  • Feed contains no antibiotics and animal by products
  • Under Organic Certification the use of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, growth promotants and genetically modified organisms are banned.
  • All products are produced without gluten and preservatives.
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