We have supplied Simone and Matt with organic beef cattle for many years and appreciate their advice and reliable forward planning which is allowing us to grow our enterprise

Why Buy From Us?

Our cattle are raised on the abundant lush grasslands of Central Queensland, the Channel Country, Darling Downs and northern New South Wales regions.

These premium cattle growing areas are renowned for their plentiful fertile pastures and undulating farmland, producing healthy and happy cattle. The diversity of the location of these regions ensures access to quality livestock year round and assists in future proofing our supply should climatic conditions affect some areas.  We bring our experience to ensure continuous and consistent supply.
We will Consistently Supply Premium Quality, Grass Fed, Australian Certified Organic Beef

The Perfect Fit

  1. Delivering cost effective organic beef products and driving dales with reduced pricing through improved efficiencies
  2. Assisting to broaden you organic category
  3. Offering a future proofed diversity of supply strategy
  4. Rewarding and supporting the producers and consumers with our contracted pricing strategy
  5. We have a demonstrated willingness to invest in new technology and equipment quickly to respond to new product development
  6. AOM has proven success in managing growth and development of new programs
  7. AOM will have a focus on better performance for the organic category with a dedicated philosophy of creating and maintaining productive partnerships across the supply chain