We have supplied Simone and Matt with organic beef cattle for many years and appreciate their advice and reliable forward planning which is allowing us to grow our enterprise

The Supply Chain

The Australian Organic Meat Group is coordinating and strengthening the supply chain. This is an organisation managed by producers for producers.

All Organic beef producers will be welcome to supply to our facilities in an open, helpful and transparent fashion. We are aligned closely with the organic producers across our region. Our goals are the same – to supply quality organic beef products at long term sustainable prices for our producers and retailers. Our producers are dedicated multigeneration family farmers who have committed to organic certification. Our goal is to provide long term opportunities for the next generation.
Our cattle are raised on the abundant lush grasslands of Central Queensland, the Channel Country, Darling Downs and northern New South Wales as well as the vast grasslands of northern Western Australia.

These premium cattle growing areas are renowned for their plentiful fertile pastures and undulating farmland, producing healthy and happy cattle. The diversity of the location of these regions ensures access to quality livestock all year round and assists in future proofing our supply should climatic conditions affect some areas. 

Our strategic direction for organic beef is the major focus at AOM. We are committed to developing a sustainable program incorporating all facets of the supply chain including the implementation of a rigorous quality assurance program from producer to consumer.

The welfare of our cattle, the sustainability of the environment and the health of our consumers is vital. We are committed to sourcing the best possible cattle from Australian Certified Organic producers, ensuring the integrity of our supply chain. In surveying the organic producers, the key drivers for success will be: stable pricing, security of supply, timely feedback, and recognition for sustainable organic production. The supply chain will be underpinned by a network of leading producers with the capacity and quality to provide year round supply of organic livestock. The AOM vision will encourage and support more producers to enter the certified organic program.