We have supplied Simone and Matt with organic beef cattle for many years and appreciate their advice and reliable forward planning which is allowing us to grow our enterprise


AOM Group produces and supplies exceptionally high quality organic meat that is produced with both the environment and consumer’s health in mind. AOM is currently supplying domestic and world markets, sharing in the same beliefs.

AOM places a strong emphasis on the animal’s welfare. They believe it is paramount to observe the health of the animal and procedures are established to ensure the animal’s ‘happiness’. Using sustainable methods in organic farming ensures the animals to be raised the way nature intended. The livestock grazes on pastures totally clean of any synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The animals are free of antibiotics and growth promotants.

Consumers’ increase in awareness, seeking foods they consider safe, healthy and tasty, clearly secures AOM’s vision in the advantages of organic production. The philosophy at AOM is to produce natural and healthy meats to aid the health of the consumer. AOM prides itself on the stringent guidelines that it follows. The critical balance includes no reliance on chemical inputs, increasing soil vitality, following sound husbandry methods and implementing correct transport and preparation protocols, which produce a high quality product.

Like us, our vast network of authentic organic producers, are focused on raising livestock in a clean, green and sustainable manner. We all play a very important role in helping to regenerate and protect the environment as well as supplying our customers with a TOTALLY organic and CLEAN product. We are privately owned and proudly Australian and our buyers, domestic and international, are assured consistent top quality product with the guarantee of integrity and authenticity.

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