AOM Group and MLA Join Forces

Julie O'Leary Thursday, July 18, 2013

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No Beef with Organics

Australian Beef Producers can now access assistance to convert to organic status, under a new project announced today.

Jointly funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) via the MLA Donor Company (MDC) and meat exporters Australian Organic Meats (AOM Group), the project will enable existing beef producers to convert to Organic status by assistance through the certification process and training in organic livestock and land management.

The project will also establish benchmarks as to the financial benefits of organic production, and aims to help fill the present supply gap. "Our customers are estimating that they will need more organic beef than we can currently supply", according the AOM Group Director Simone Tully. Ms Tully says that consumer demand for organic beef and products in general is growing and placing pressure on current supply. "Our international customers are really pushing us to get more producers on board in order to meet the demand for clean, Australian organic beef".

MLA Manager on-Farm Production Dr Wayne Hall says MDC is partnering in the project "in order to get firm data on the cost benefits of organic beef production". "The premiums for organic beef are large but there is limited data on the costs of conversion, this project will enable beef producers to have the necessary information to make sound business decisions to convert to organic and assess the risks". "This project will also generate industry extension materials which will be valuable for the entire beef industry" says Dr Hall.

According to Project Manager, Organic Systems & Solutions (OS&S), the decision and process to convert to organic is often confusing. CEO Marg Will says this project will make not only the process simpler, but provide extension materials for future use. "This project is limited in the amount of producers who can participate over the two year period, but Beef producers as a whole will gain information that will assist their businesses to make any changes as a result of consumer driven demand in the coming years". Ms Will’s company operates across South-east Asia and sees increasing demand for organic products at the coal –face. "Our retail clients in Asia want more organic products from Australia in order to meet their consumers’ preferences, and our manufacturing clients in Asia want to process more organic food. It’s that simple, and the Australian Beef Industry is well-placed to meet that growth".

For further information on the project please see or telephone Simone Tully (0408) 451078 or Marg Will (0417 )674 790

Contact Marg Will on 0417 674 790

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